Sunday, May 18, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime

Phone Arena has snagged some pictures and video footage of the alleged Galaxy S5 Prime that has been rumoured for a while now. I have to say I am not all that impressed with how it looks, I wasn't particularly impressed with the GS5 to begin with as it seems like a step backwards from the GS4. I think that the GS5 looks like they increased the size just because they could but did not think about making the body smaller, the bezels on the sides of the screen just scream cheap because they are so large. I do think that they made some of the right choices in their new materials even if it does not look all that great, but all the extra "features" they have thrown in just weigh the whole experience down. The Prime is looking to capitalize on the success of the past Galaxy phones while attempting to achieve a higher build quality utilizing metals instead of plastics, along with some bumped up specs. I can see some people that have already bought into the GS5 being a little upset if we get more than just a new backplate on this one. It would be nice to see Samsung try out some new design languages and find a way to improve the build quality of their devices though.