Thursday, January 2, 2014


A new year, a new attempt to work on my writing skills. There are numerous ways to improve upon your own skills with New Year resolutions, most people stick with the tried and true "get in shape" and fail after the first few weeks. This year I think I will attempt to write a couple hundred words a day, there will not be a set overarching topic to the writings though I would imagine them to reflect technology, the law or current events as they happen. I want to improve my writing processes over the course of the year and will hopefully be able to reflect on this post a year from now to see how my writing style has changed, preferably for the better. Everything that I write will be from my own perspective and reflect opinions only, they will not represent advice to others. This is a collection of my own personal reflections on information that I happen to come across. This will not be an overly formal venture, but I will try to keep it as well written as I can.

My current mobile setup includes a beautiful black Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012), Jawbone Up, and black Pebble Smartwatch. Each of these has worked themselves into my everyday life and I would be hard pressed to make drastic changes from this setup any time soon. The Pebble is the newest addition to my collection and it has already become something I do not want to go without. I am able to check notifications and control music without accessing my phone and it is wonderful. Many people think that the Pebble just adds another place to view notifications and is thus redundant, however I have found that allows for a greater degree of freedom from my cell phone, I can distance myself from the phone for greater periods and I have much lower anxiety about missing notifications or phone calls to my phone, it is great being able to do triage right from my wrist. I will have more thoughts on my devices coming up in the future however I just wanted to let it be known how much I already love having my Pebble, it just works brilliantly for me, and I can’t wait to see the improvements that come to the Pebble and smartwatches in the future.