Friday, May 10, 2013

Motorola X Phone?

Could we see the Motorola/Google X Phone at I/O next week???

Engadget is reporting that Motorola has filed documentation at the FCC for a phone with a designation of XT1058. The documentation shows LTE bands compatible with AT&T and NFC.

The image doesn't give much information about the phone however it does match what evleaks has posted on their twitter account recently. 
The camera and flash are in the same location in the evleaks picture and the FCC filing, as well as the slight curvature under what seems to be the headphone jack in the centre of the phone. Also visible in the drawing and the photo is the power button which starts at about the bottom of the camera lens and goes to about the flash. The only major difference between the two is the circle in the photograph on the left side of the device. The circle below the flash in the drawing may or may not be included on the device as there is a sticker covering that area of the device.

Additional pictures of the front of a black boxed device from evleaks shows a Motorola phone running on AT&T's network that is purported to be the X Phone. 

It looks like it could be something announced soon and seeing that Google I/O is coming next week there is a chance that we may see a brand new phone coming from the team. 

I hope that this is announced next week purely to rub it in to all the blogs that were reporting that it was delayed. In my opinion something cannot be delayed before there has been an announcement of it in any capacity. Reporting that a device or software will be delayed before it has been acknowledged to exist is just crazy talk. 

And to end this post is the picture that claims to be the X Phone in the buff.